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Fraud is complex

On average, 14 months pass before an organisation detects fraud and in most cases no funds are recovered at all.

54% of all reported fraud losses in the Asia Pacific region are never recovered

Global reports indicate that organisations are still relying heavily on reactive measures of fraud detection such as tip-offs, with only a small percentage of reported cases being detected through proactive measures like internal & external audit, data analysis and active monitoring.

These insights illustrate the need for organisations to focus on preventative measures to detect fraud and to have access to fraud detection solutions that are not only easy to use, but also provide accurate, actionable output.

Let 3rdegree protect your business

About 3rdegree

An out-of-the-box software platform that identifies operational risk for organisations through a prioritised view of current and potential exposure to fraud, waste and abuse.

The 3rdegree platform is a highly secure, cloud-based platform that has been developed alongside a decade of industry experience providing services to organisations in the detection and prevention of fraud.

Key modules and core functionality of the 3rdegree system have been developed explicitly to provide capabilities that are not provided by other fraud software solutions on the market today.


Load, monitor and continually examine all data from every area of your business. Analyse and enhance your data with external data sets using industry proven approaches and analytical techniques.​


Intuitive and easy to use interfaces. No prior risk management experience is required. Built upon the idea that only easy to use software will provide success in an otherwise complex problem space.​


Perform searches on individuals, businesses, physical addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. Visualise how all of the internal and external entities connected to your organisation are linked.


Focus your attention and resources on the key areas of risk within your organisation. Accurate, self-learning risk scored alerts provide you with guidance on where you should be concentrating your effort.


Be alerted immediately on your desktop or mobile device. Manage the notification level and types of unusual activity that you want to be aware of that occurs within your organization.​


Don't wait for it to happen before you implement measures to recover losses. Stop it from happening in the first place. Identify your exposure and risk before it is exploited.​

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