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We’re 3rdegree and we know our Why.

The people we hire, the businesses we protect and the problems we solve are all driven from our company vision to prevent and detect every business threat known to humankind. 

That’s an unlikely goal you may think, but the alternative would be to only protect businesses from some of the possible threats they face, but quite frankly that just wouldn’t be 3rdegree.

” To prevent and detect every business threat known to humankind. “

At it’s core, 3rdegree is a software company that provides solutions to protect businesses against a constantly changing threat landscape.

Our Discover platform lets businesses explore and better understand their existing relationships to uncover potential risks and previously unknown connections, while Guardian is our full threat detection platform consolidating the threats a business is encountering into a centrally prioritised location enabling businesses to focus in on the biggest risks facing them at any point in time.

We’re 3rdegree and we’re proud to say we know our Why.

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